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New Studio Format:

These are the new guidelines/procedures for tattoo clients due to the impact of Covid-19

1.  ALL CLIENTS AND ARTISTS MUST WEAR A FACE MASK AT ALL TIMES IN THE STUDIO, NO EXCEPTIONS.  (masks will be available for a $1.00 fee when needed)

2.  Clients will have their temperature checked beforehand.  Any client with a fever, cough, or related symptoms cannot be tattooed.  All clients will sign a waiver indicating they have not had any Covid-19 related symptoms within the past 14 days.

3.  No Family/Friends/Spectators will be allowed in the studio.  Clients must show up to their appointments alone.

4.  Clients and artists must wash or sanitize hands when entering and before leaving the studio.

5.  No walk-ins will be allowed in the studio.  The front door will remain locked, and only opened for clients with appointments.  Clients with an appointment shall call their artist upon arrival and will be let in the studio.

6.  Consultations will be conducted via phone or text.  Please refer to the "Artists" page for contact information, or call our 24 hour studio line: 651.383.3292

Thank You for your understanding, your support, and your help in keeping our artist and clients safe.

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