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We Want To Change The Way People Think About Getting Tattooed

          The tattoo industry hasn't changed for decades...  Many of you have had the same experience every single time you want a new tattoo:  You go to a random local shop...  You tell them what you want, and the first random artist that's available will rush to get you tattooed and out the door so they can move onto the next client.  Their goal is often to make as much money as possible each day regardless if they are the best artist for your tattoo or not.  All of the artists at most studios often have the same hourly rate as each other, and they constantly will fight over who gets each walk-in client.  This is why so many people leave unhappy with their experience and disappointed with their new tattoo.  You shouldn't just get ANY artist, you should get the RIGHT artist for each tattoo!  The artist shouldn't be in a hurry, they should have plenty of time to work with you, to create something unique every time!  Tattoo Artists are NOT created equal.  Not every artist is good at every style.  Some work fast, and some work slow.  They shouldn't be charging clients the same rate as every other artist at their studio does!  That will never be fair to the client...

          We started this studio because these things need to change.  We want this to be the inception of a new industry for everyone.  Inception Studios is an artists' co-op.  This means we have multiple artists that all specialize in certain styles of tattooing (ex: realism, americana, new skool, japanese, watercolor, etc..).  When you come in, we'll place you with the BEST artist for the piece, and they'll charge you a fair rate based on the complexity of your design and the amount of time needed.  Every artist has an adjusted hourly rate that reflects how fast or slow they work.  Slower artists will charge less per hour then the faster artists to make sure you're getting a fair price.  If you happen to be on a specific budget, we will explain your options, and give you the best advice and recommendations to get the best result for your budget.  


          First, your artist will want to do a consultation in private with you.  The reason they're done privately is to ensure neither of you will be distracted or influenced by anything or anyone else when you're working together and being creative.  After your consultation, we'll book the appointment for your tattoo.  Appointments are always the best idea for any tattoo.  The artist gets plenty of time to prepare for the piece, plus you'll never worry about them being distracted by other clients during your session.  When we schedule appointments, we'll always book plenty of extra time to make sure the artist, or you, never feel rushed and you're free to take breaks if needed.  Each studio is completely private but also have enough room for any friends or family.  We offer free drinks, aftercare products, and free WIFI to clients.   Our private studios also offer televisions with wireless headphones available for those clients that would prefer to listen to their own music selection or to watch a movie on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO while the artist is working.  Stop by our studio and give us the chance to show you how much better your tattoo experience should be and can be, from now on!

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Tue:   12:00pm  - 8:00pm

Wed:  12:00pm  -  8:00pm

Thu:   12:00pm  -  8:00pm

Fri:     12:00pm  -  8:00pm

Sat:    12:00pm  -  8:00pm

Sun:   CLOSED - by appointment

Mon:  CLOSED - by appointment

*Artists may have customized business hours that might vary slightly from these:

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