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Step #1:  Choosing an Artist

The first step in getting a tattoo is always the same, and it's the most important step!  CHOOSE YOUR ARTIST FIRST.  What style of tattoo do you want? American Traditional?  Perhaps Realism?  Choose an artist that knows the style you want.  look at their portfolios online, and pick the artist that has experience with your style.  CLICK HERE now to see our artists.

Step #2:  The Consultation

After you choose your artist, you can contact them directly for a consultation.  During the consultation, the artist will want to know all the details of your tattoo idea.  once they know all the details, they will be able to offer you a price recommendation as well as schedule an appointment.  In order for them to give you an estimate or book an appointment, they will need to know all of the following specifics:  Where it will go on your body and how big it will be, how you want it colored or shaded, and if you have any preferred tattoo style (american traditional, realism, watercolor, etc.).  If you are ready to get started, you can submit the Consultation Request Form below, and your artist will contact you ASAP.  (usually the same day, during business hours 12pm - 8pm unless the studio is closed.)

Consultation Request Form

Your Request Has Been Submitted.

Your Preferred Artist Will Contact You

As Soon As They Are Available. 

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