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      The artists here at Inception Studios have evolved their knowledge of skin and it's healing process over many years.  At Inception Studios we use more modern, medical grade bandaging, and never the old school method of using saran wrap loosely taped over the fresh bloody tattoo.  We use a special type of adhesive skin wrap known as Tegaderm.  It's a protective covering that you can leave on for days at a time, and requires little to no attention or effort from the clients.  Unfortunately, Tegaderm is a more expensive product, this results in many studios seek out cheaper and less effective bandage alternatives.  Some of these types of bandaging are proven to hinder the healing process, yet many artists may still be using them unknowingly. Below are the instructions we offer our clients that have had our Tegaderm bandaging applied to their new/healing tattoos.  


     *keep in mind that different artist may give you slightly different aftercare instructions.  It's VERY important that you follow YOUR tattoo artist's specific advice instead of these.

     *all artists apply tattoos in a unique way, and all skin types heal in different ways.  because of these unique attributes, there is not a perfect way to care for tattoos that will work for everyone.  it's important to ask YOUR artist how they reccomend caring for their work.   DO NOT take advice from anyone or anywhere else, this can cause unwanted and permanent damage to your tattoo.


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Aftercare Instructions -  tegaderm.jpg
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